recycle & get paid with your mobile phone

World's first deposit app for recycling packaging. 

Recycle anything...

Plastic bags, milk bottles, take-away mugs – you name it! Everything* with a barcode is depositable with the PantaPå app. Just scan the barcode on the packaging with the app and get the deposit value – cash or vouchers – directly into your mobile phone. 

*We're continously working on getting more brand owners to put a deposit value on their packaging. In the PantaPå app you can see which products are currently depositable.

At regular recycling stations...

With the PantaPå app you can deposit your packaging at regular recycling stations. You need to be close to a recycling station to be able to scan the barcode on the packaging. Find the closest recycling station in the PantaPå app! 

Follow your contribution!

See how much carbon-dioxide you have saved the planet from!

Donate or redeem

Choose what you want to do with the deposit value you have collected. Either donate it to charity, send it to a friend or redeem it to your bank account.

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PantaPå-user, 26 years old

Seriously, this app is ingenious!


Shop your products* – just as usual.

* See what products are currently depositable in the PantaPå app. 


Download the PantaPå app and scan the barcode on the packaging with the app once you're close to a recycling station. 


Get the deposit value – cash or vouchers – directly into your mobile phone. 


We're continously working on connecting more brands and making more products depositable. At the moment, Apoteket's plastic bags and YES' hand dishwashing bottles are connected to our deposit system. During 2019, other brands and products will become depositable. Stay tuned!


sek 5 per week

deposit anything!

In addition to the products from our partners, you now also have the opportunity to deposit five other optional packages during each 7-day period and receive SEK 1 for each package.


NOTE! Some packages are not in our system and therefore cannot be scanned.

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